Welcome to the Taylor Home Inn Bed & Breakfast


The Taylor Home Inn provides guests with a taste of the Andy Griffith Show! Here you'll find a faithful recreation of the iconic house from the show--the living room, Aunt Bee's kitchen, Opie's bedroom, and, of course, a generous front porch on which to sit, play the guitar, count cars, and watch the world go by.

Please email us or call (715) 263-2639 for reservations. 

  • Wireless Internet connection is available.
  • All rooms are air conditioned.
  • All rooms have private bathrooms.

The Taylor Home Inn is a non-smoking facility. However, guests may smoke outside if they desire.

In keeping with the Mayberry spirit, we do not accept credit cards.  We do accept personal checks, traveler's checks, and cash upon check-in. Please email or call for details.

The Inn has a no-pets policy.
The owners have a small Miniature Schnauzer that is friendly and well-behaved, and she stays in the private quarters when guests are present, unless they request her company. However, those with allergies need to be aware of her presence and bring any medications necessary to alleviate any allergy problems.

Taylor Home Inn Bed & Breakfast
373 30th Avenue
Clear Lake, Wisconsin 54005
Phone/Reservations: 715-263-ANDY (2639)
Email: Reservations@TaylorHomeInn.com

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